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A brief biography of life to 41.

What part of my life do you want to know about?  That's the question which boggles my mind anytime I'm asked to provide a biography.
Work History
Pastoral Counselor and Clergy Member, since 2008.
Counselor, Horizons, since 1996
Vice President of Development, AdTel, since 1995
Also experience bringing me to the expert level in applied consumer research, applied adolescent psychology, spirituality, progressive Christian living writer, SEO article writing, SEO press release writing, business writing and chronic pain expert.
Educational History
post-Doctoral work at Texas Tech in Human Development
Doctor of Divinity at AIHT
Master of Professional Counseling
Texas StateBachelor of Arts in Psychology
Texas TechBachelor of Fine Arts in Classics and Ancient Languages

My name is Reece, and I'm pleased to meet you!

I began my academic career with a B.A. in Psychology at Texas Tech. University. While dodging tumbleweeds and dust storms, I fell in love with the helping profession. I went on to get advanced degrees in professional counseling, Divinity, and post-Doctoral studies in Human Development.

I am an ordained minister through Many Paths Ministry.

My "wow" factor for you? I had a near death experience (NDE). I'm not sure why it is called "near-death" when I actually "died" and was brought back in 2008, during a five-month battle with MRSA Pneumonia. One doctor said I was the only survivor of the disease he'd seen. During my time on the other side, I saw phenomenal things. I can, with great assurance, tell you that love, peace, acceptance, and power await all of us as God's children!

My time in Heaven was rudely interrupted, and I was sent back to complete my life. At first, I was crushed and depressed. But with help, I pulled it together, and became inspired to share my story with you in "Crossing Twice:
Answers from the Source." Then I was convicted to write "Spirit Thinking: Your 30 Day Guide to an Enlightened Life," to help you on your day-to-day walk. It includes an insightful 30 day workbook that teaches universal spiritual principles you can readily apply to your own life.

I plan to add to my publications list as the Spirit moves me, so be watching for news! 

I live in Addison, Texas, just north of Dallas. I continue to be challenged by a nerve condition called "cryptogenic chronic sensory polyneuropathy." I sustained the nerve damage during a surgery. For that reason, I moved my mom into my house to help me with the activities of daily living. Along with the two of us, resides my vivacious loving pal, Roxie, an English Bulldog with
much pizzaz!

I also work with my Dad and my brother. I have two incredible nephews, Rian and Rory. A fabulous sister-in-law, Kerri, and many wonderful friends.

I worship at the Cathedral of Hope, United Church of Christ in Dallas.

I am available for phone consultation as a professional pastoral counselor at 1-800-936-0812. I hope you'll visit www.SpiritThinking.Net for more exciting news as it unfolds.

My e-mail address is:

Recently, the following was posted to describe my biography on the SNN:
Dr. Reece W. Manley, DD, M.Ed., MPM, Rev. is emerging as America's newest spirituality expert. "Dr. Manley speaks with spiritual authority when he writes his newest work 'Spirit Thinking: Your Guide to an Enlightened Life'" says Craig Williams, PhD. "Not only does his experience mark him as a spirituality expert, but his voracious appetite for blogging and interacting with others on the spiritual platform. His works are to be respected from the basis of a spiritual authority speaking a new language of love, compassion, inclusion, and empowerment. Finally, a spirituality expert who believes in a Universal power which is completely centered on compassion and acceptance and NOT on judgment, hate, or sin."