Crossing Twice: Answers from the Source

I died in 2008. Indescribable bliss, peace, knowledge and a sense of home. But when the doctors revived me, the journey really began.  BUY IT TODAY!

 Crossing Twice is the true story of Reece Manley's near death experience. He captures the death journey and the fall back to life. As he regains his strength from the disease which took him to death's door he also recovers from the mental anguish of having been "home". Join him from moments both insightful and hilarious that portray the travel back to sanity and his expanding spirituality.

"Top Book for November" - Pacific Book Review

The book that began it all.  My first born.  My first attempt of sharing the incredible miracle had granted me in my life.  It has won a nod as a Christian Book of the Year.  It spent months at Pacific Book Review.  It has made controversy, saved lives, and been burned as heresy.  The simple truth in it is that God loves each of us equally.  You may purchase it at Amazon, or other works.  Amazon has a wonderful preview tab. or you can order directly from me with my inscription and autograph.