Reece Wyman Manley, DD, M.Ed, MPM, CSTF-M

Reece Manley is an emerging spirituality expert and a progressive Christian author.  So far, his published titles have been inspired by his spiritually transforming experience of a near death journey.  Beyond the veil of life, Reece experienced the shock and awe of the wonders which await us.  The love, peace and acceptance of the Light transformed him from a man suffering as a victim to a man freed and expressing joy.

Reece has also explored his offbeat humor, counseling wisdom and personal insights in his writing to great praise.  

"If I had a different lifetime to commit to just five careers they would be: minister, stand up comic, travel critic, adolescent specialist and author.

My most bizarre moment has been finding myself falling out of heaven and being consciously aware of the fact my journey had been real.

My favorite travel is done by cruise ship.  My favorite destination is any where in the Costa Maya or the Caribbean.  You simply can't be unhappy in Cozumel.
My favorite people are my parents, my brother and his family.  I also have a tight but short circle fo friends.  The greatest influences in my life have been Gwen Sorell, PhD and the life and ministry of Jesus.

My least favorite thing is the chronic pain I live with daily.  God is working on healing it and I know it will come.

My happiest childhood memory is a 1985 Z28, red and perfect.  Something my mom had no business buying me but one for which I will always be greatful.

Anything else?  Just ask!

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