Raw and Different.  Overcome is life as it was. Unleashed to bring change.  

If you are a reader of my work, then this will be a shockingly different look at my life.  Why?  Because to bring glory to change, we must show the depths to show the true high.  What you need to know is that this is written for the mainstream.  My GLBT brothers and sisters will identify and see themselves in it.  As they come along for the ride, they will also see there is a powerful change that can take place.  One where we embrace God's all encompassing love and finally find that living in God is at least as interesting as living in the world.

Please note:  This random rough draft contains fully unedited, undeveloped text.  It is from the first draft.  It will contain language, adult situations and actions inappropriate for younger readers.  Below, the program has selected a RANDOM piece of the story to be displayed.

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The below text is a random sample of "Overcome!" first draft.  No editing has been done.  Adult Audience Only.

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