Advocate USA Publishing takes next spirituality edition

Advocate USA Publishing will gain the rights for Reece Manley's next line of spirituality books, Needles and Haystacks: The Gift of a Discerning Spirit.  The release is scheduled for Fall 2010.  More information coming soon!

My Spiritual Path - Discernment
Again, my spiritual path is so precious, so important that it deserves the passion of my soul.  The Creator has called my spirit-self to teach and to inspire and to use my gift of Discernment to help others.
Discernment is hard to define.  It is much like applying intuition, something any of us can do. 

However, as I grow physically stronger, spiritually I continue to explore and explode into wonderful new realms of knowing.  With the Holy Spirit's gift of Discernment, I'm learning to help my clients in a new way. 

Cocktails, Cocaine and Christ: 
All Gays Go to Heaven Heads releases review galleys for press and collectors.

It's been a challenging 41 years, but I wouldn't change a thing.  Let me tell you a bit about it.  The last year, perhaps, has been the most interesting.  I died in 2008.  I was resuscitated.   I lost my mind.  I found it, and not where I thought it was.  Then I wrote the progressive Christian experience of it in two major award-winning books.  

Now, it's time to tell the tales I was ashamed of and feared would mean instant rejection.  But having been to the Other Side and told how much we are all loved, cherished and wanted, I've the unique position to open the doors.  And, oh how they've opened.  The new memoir, tentatively titled, All Gays Go to Heaven!

 With my love of writing, I'm exploring different genres and with God's all encompassing ways, I am including my gay heritage and culture.  More on All Gays Go to Heaven!