What is a platform?

They need a label on me, apparently.  And, I'm hard to place, I admit it.  I'm a progressive Christian, open to the idea that other paths lead to God.  I'm gay and yet consider myself deeply spiritual.  I own a bulldog, but like poodles as well.  You get the picture.  A platform is hard thing to do.

So, instead I think about what expertise I hold.  Progressive Christian thought.  Spirituality.  GLBT Spiritual matters. are all among my expertise covers. So is psychology, counseling, pastoral counseling.  And, I can cook a great meatloaf.

You are invited to join those who back my "platform".  If you've enjoyed the book, then thank you.  Leave a note and I'll try to address any questions!

  • Professional Pastoral Counselor - 1o Years
  • Licensed Professional Counseling - 5 Years
  • Human Development and Identity Development
  • Sexual Abuse and Recovery
  • GLBT Identity and Lifestyle
  • Top Book of November - Pacific Book Review
  • Progressive Christian Book of the Year
  • Passionate Readers
  • Fasting Rising - Authonomy

    Are you a fan of the book?  Please let me know!